Community Impact Project - Request for Concepts 

Green Building United is pleased to support the 2018 Community Impact Project (CIP), a volunteer-led, community-based project dedicated to green building and sustainability in Philadelphia. Organizations and groups are invited to submit concept proposals, due Friday, April 20th.  

This Request for Concepts (RFC) builds on the first CIP conducted in 2017 in partnership with New Kensington Community Development Corporation. CIP volunteers raised more than $10,000 to support the collaborative undertaking. The project included planning and implementing a day-of-service where over 60 volunteers came together to revitalize a section of South Kensington through the creation of an urban orchard, planting of multiple trees and gardens, and construction of a trellis and irrigation system to sustain an enduring green space for the community. Learn more about the Frankford Gateway Project

The CIP Team will review this year's submissions and select the concept that most closely aligns with the CIP Team’s goals and capacity, and Green Building United’s mission. Once a concept is selected, the CIP Team will work to support project execution, including mobilizing additional volunteers and raising funds to supplement the resources provided by the selected organization.

All concepts must be submitted via webform by 11:59 pm ET on April 20th. 

Questions can be submitted using the webform, or if submitters have questions/comments before or after completing the webform, they can send them to Leah Wirgau, Education and Engagement Manager, via email.


Important Dates 

March 2, 2018  -  RFC is released 

March 30, 2018  -  Questions from submitters regarding the RFC are due via webform or email 

April 6, 2018  -  Answers to questions are posted on website 

April 20, 2018  -  Concepts are due via webform by 11:59 pm ET 

May 11, 2018  -  CIP project is selected (submitters are informed either way) 

May 18, 2018  -  Winning project is announced and collaboration begins 

May 23, 2018  -  CIP fundraising begins 

Summer 2018  -  CIP is implemented   


Example Concepts 

Projects can be new, stand-alone efforts or supplements to existing projects/spaces. The example concepts listed below are intended as a starting point, and other project ideas are welcome: 

  • Stormwater Management, e.g., rain gardens, rain barrels, vegetated/pervious surfaces 

  • Waste reduction, reuse and management, including composting and recycling 

  • Healthy spaces/buildings such as outdoor classrooms or spaces that promote activity 

  • Community gardens, greenhouses, garden tunnels  

  • Publicly-accessible art which incorporates sustainable elements, e.g., mural raising environmental awareness, art installation that incorporates green/recycled elements 


Evaluation Criteria 

The project should consider the following criteria:  

  • Be community supported and fall within the scope of Green Building United’s mission
  • Have an educational component, e.g., displays, website, application. 
  • Be completed within the range of funds, timeframe, and resources available.  
  • Be accessible by public/alternative transportation.  
  • Demonstrate current unmet needs. 
  • Engage a diverse range of constituents.  
  • Be replicable in other communities. 
  • Encourage community convening.   
  • Demonstrate long-term sustainability.  

Additional Notes

While Green Building United and the CIP Team are committed to selecting and executing a 2018 CIP project, respondents should be aware of the following:    

  • The CIP Team may suggest adjustments to the proposed project to help ensure successful implementation.   

  • The CIP Team will work collaboratively with the selected project team to raise funds necessary to execute the project, but cannot guarantee the exact level of support.    


Thank you for your interest; we look forward to receiving and reviewing your project concept!

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