Living Future Community

The Living Future Community is a group of individuals united by a common passion for regenerative building practices.

We think buildings should holistically address energy, water, materials, and waste systems. As part of Green Building United, our education and advocacy efforts are uniquely rooted in a net positive philosophy - focused on functional built environments that are aesthetically pleasing and cohesive with surrounding landscapes.

Green Building United’s Living Future Community Council is actively focused on addressing regional issues and offering local educational events. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month from 4:00 - 6:00 pm ET! Please register here for the meeting link! All knowledge and experience levels are welcome!

For all other volunteer inquiries and communications, contact the co-facilitators at

Living Future Community Volunteers

Co-Facilitators: Joe Messier and Jason Curtis

Wolfram Arendt | Amy Cornelius | Natalie Walker | Kate Flint | Michelle Jordan | Scott Kelly | Drew Lavine | Chris Lee | Charles Loomis | Justin Lyon | Lisa Shulock | Kristen Suzda | Natalie Walker | Tracy Miller | Shelby Aldrich | Sangeetha Sambandam | Uma Pattarkine

Whether you are new to deeper green building practices or have been off-the-grid and wholly sustainable for decades, we want you to learn and grow with us! 

Inspired by the Living Building Challenge (LBC) out of the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), the Living Future Community started as the Living Building Challenge - Philadelphia Collaborative before uniting under Green Building United's umbrella in 2017. Since then, our work has expanded beyond LBC to include other ILFI standards and holistic, regenerative, and net positive policies and practices.

Together, the Living Future Community:  

  • Seeks broader inspiration and collaboration with peers and leaders from around the world, facilitating educational series and events within Green Building United, and teaching in K-12, college, and professional settings.
  • Participates in the creation of living buildings, sites, and communities within our region.
  • Advocates for a deeper approach to sustainable development in our workplaces, governments, educational institutions, and media.
  • Grows, shares, and acts upon our knowledge and expertise to help move our community towards a greater balance with nature.
  • Believes that an ecologically restorative, socially just, and beautiful built environment is not just good for the planet, but it is good for those who live here too.


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Thanks for Joining us July 6th, 2022 from 5 - 7pm for the Living Future Community Summer Social!

Click here for photos of our 2022 summer social. 

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Thank You to Our 2021 Living Future Community Activities Sponsor


Volunteer Opportunities 

Professional Education + Events 

If you want to help develop educational offerings around living buildings, regeneration, and more - as conference sessions, webinars, networking, and other formats - this opportunity is for you. This volunteer commitment is flexible and can support single or ongoing educational events in a variety of formats.

Please contact Kristen Suzda if interested. 


Young Adult Sustainable Design Education Initiative

In 2018, volunteers from our Living Future Community set out to educate young people about sustainable design as a way to “sow the fields for the future.”  The first ever high school course structured around the holistic sustainability framework of Living Building Challenge was pioneered with Upper Dublin High School that year and is now entering its third curriculum year!

In this Holzchat interview, hosted by Green Building United members Ilka Cassidy and Steve Hessler, the Living Future Community’s initiative co-chair Drew Lavine and Upper Dublin High School Environmental Science Teacher Erin Loch discuss how this experiment in sustainability education came to be and where it is headed next.

If interested in helping with these efforts, please contact the co-facilitators at

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