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The Passive House Community...

is dedicated to making Passive House design and construction into mainstream practice.  We are architects, engineers, developers, builders, energy modelers, material and equipment suppliers, consultants, designers, and others working to address the climate crisis through the creation of a sustainable built environment.

The Green Building United Passive House Community holds public meetings as well as trainings and events throughout the year that are discounted for Green Building United members. 

Some of our members have trained in the international Passive House system (iPHI), and some with the U.S. system,  and we remain religiously "non-denominational" and collaborate with groups like the iPHI affiliated North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) and the Passive House Institute U.S. PHIUS and other Passive House focused organizations.

Passive House Community Council Volunteers

Co-Facilitators: Paul Thompson & Angela Iraldi

Green Building United Board Members: Charles Loomis, Steve Finkelman, & Amy Cornelius

Development Committee: Laura Blau

Member Engagement Committee:  Shannon CrookerSteve Finkelman

Policy and Advocacy Committee: Jeremy Avellino & Kit Elsworth

Education and Programs Committee: Neil Goldman & Amy Cornelius 

Open Seat: Jeremiah Woodring


Email us if interested in volunteering with the Passive House Community. 

Thank You to Our 2020 Passive House Community Activities Sponsors

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Green Building United offers educational opportunities throughout the year, including the Sustainability Symposium and New Gravity Housing Conference. These conferences include a curated set of Passive House focused sessions that apply classroom theory to built projects from around the country and address the challenges faced by designers and contractors in the field. If interested in watching past content, please see our Webinars On-Demand library.

Education is not limited to the classroom!  The Passive House Community sponsors on-site tours of Passive House projects – some completed and certified, some under construction, providing participants with in-the-field training in techniques and technologies being implemented to meet the challenge of getting to the Passive House.  These tours included single and multi-family and commercial construction.

The Passive House movement is growing and with that, the demand for trained and certified designers, verifiers, and builders is growing. Green Building United works with partners to coordinate trainings throughout the year. These courses are intensive, grounded, and collaborative. See our events calendar for details.


2020 Demonstration Project

We are excited to collaborate with Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia (Habitat) to further their goal of offering an
increased volume of affordable, high performance housing. Our communities enjoy unique connections between
our design and field teams, and through this project, the Passive House Community will examine Habitat’s high
performance designs, collaborate in the field, and be double-linked to the ultimate goal of single family owned,
healthy, affordable, high performing row homes. The proposed Demonstration Project challenges are to educate
our joint communities and generate an affordable passive house alternative for Habitat using the existing Oxford
Green Community Model. There is also future potential to connect “beyond the choir” with Habitat’s partners
in the health, real estate, and development sectors. Successful collaborations now could forge new joint goals over
the next several years!


New Gravity Housing Conference

Building healthy, safe, and accessible places to live that will both limit and adapt to climate impacts is a key challenge for the 21st century. This annual event explores the tools, techniques, and practices that the building community is using to address the need for quality affordable housing that can withstand increasingly extreme and volatile weather. Learn more about this past year's conference. 


We are proud to partner with two incredible organizations focused on Passive House.

North American Passive House Network (NAPHN)

NAPHN is  non-profit educational organization works to transform the built environment, using the tools developed by the Passive House Institute, in a critical effort to combat global warming. We provide training, conferences, and other events to both engage and educate design and building professionals, policymakers, and the general public. We support the success and vitality of the Passive House community.

Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS)

PHIUS trains and certifies professionals, maintains the PHIUS+ climate-specific passive building standard, certifies and quality assures passive buildings, and conducts research to advance high-performance building. PHIUS is committed to making high-performance passive building the mainstream market standard. 


Resources We Love

  • Mass Save Passive House Learning Center

The Sponsors of Mass Save®, in partnership with Passive House Massachusetts, have launched a Passive House Training offer to support workforce development and market transformation in the energy efficiency and building construction industries in Massachusetts. The goal is to enhance the skill set of the energy efficiency workforce in Massachusetts by offering no-cost trainings and 50% cost reimbursements of PHIUS/PHI accreditation training. You can keep up with the growing demand for high-performance housing and become certified as a Passive House builder, consultant, designer, rater, verifier, or tradesperson. Check out the Mass Save website and the Passive House Online Learning Center to learn more about the Mass Save® Passive House Training.

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