2022 Sustainability Symposium - See Photos Below!

star Worth 20 AIA HSW, 8 ILFI, 20 GBCI

Fri, 5/6/2022 - 8:00am - 7:00pm

Penn State at The Navy Yard, 4960 South 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19112

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This year’s Sustainability Symposium, the first in three years and our first hybrid conference, featured some of our most innovative sessions ever and attracted over 400 attendees! Over 75 speakers and tour guides delivered on topics including how NYC schools are implementing green roof and hybrid solar, the amazing carbon sink properties of meadows, energy modeling for net-zero aspiring buildings, and the challenges and opportunities surrounding decarbonization.

We were able to accomplish 99% waste diversion with the help of Philadelphia Catering Company, Bennett Compost, Remark Glass/Bottle Underground, and the amazing cooperation of all our in-person attendees!

We want to give a huge thank you to our Sustaining Partners, event sponsors (see below), our Symposium steering committee, and an incredible group of volunteers.


The 12th Annual Sustainability Symposium took place on May 6th at Penn State at the Navy Yard! The event was a showcase a transformative ideas, projects, and opportunities to inspire visionary movement toward a generous, verdant, decarbonized built environment. Session topics included Circular Economy/Zero Waste, Integrated Design, Financing, Incentives and Policies, Green Schools, Carbon Neutrality, Indoor Air Quality, LEED, Passive House, Living Building Challenge, Enterprise, WELL, Green Stormwater Infrastructure, 2030 Districts and so much more!

COVID precautions

All attendees are required to show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 prior to admittance to the conference. Please read our Health and Safety Protocol to learn more about the vaccine policy, as well as face coverings and social distancing.

Event Cost

Early Bird Pricing (SOLD OUT)

Members: $125

Non-members: $225

Government/Non-Profit: $175 (government or non-profit email required during registration)

Regular Pricing 

Members: $175

Non-members: $275

Government/Non-Profit: $225 (government or non-profit email required during registration)


Tours: $15 each (in addition to Symposium registration)

Happy Hour: Free!

Note that $150 Chapter Membership reduces your event ticket by $100 and offers many additional benefits, including free events worth CEUs.

Meet the 2022 Symposium keynote!

Bill Browning Founding Partner at Terrapin Bright Green

billbrowning 250

Bill Browning is one of the green building and real estate industry’s foremost thinkers and strategists, and an advocate for sustainable design solutions at all levels of business, government, and civil society. His expertise has been sought out by organizations as diverse as Fortune 500 companies, leading universities, non-profit organizations, the U.S. military, and foreign governments.

Click here to learn more about Bill.


Event Day Check-in

Registration on the day of the Symposium opens at 8 AM.  We encourage purchasing tickets as soon as possible, as early bird sales end on March 31st.

As in previous years, sessions are filled day-of on a first-come, first-served basis.  The smaller rooms tend to reach capacity first (107 & 209), and we encourage you to arrive to those rooms earlier than the session start time to secure a seat.



Learn and earn your CEUs (AIA, PHIUS, PHI, GBCI, ILFI) on topics including Workforce development and neighborhood activism through landscape training programs run by the PA Horticulture Society, Setting up and developing ESG programs to make business and social change, Passive House energy modeling, and Creating space for creatures in our built environment using biobricks and other techniques. All sessions will be presented online and will be recorded



This year our program will be available online only - we'll have QR codes available around the event that will take you to official program, or follow the link below

2022 Symposium Program



The EXPO Hall is available throughout the day and we encourage attendees to stop by during the Registration/Breakfast hour and during lunch.

Our sponsors, all of whom will be represented at the EXPO, help to make the Sustainability Symposium possible!

Breakfast & Lunch

Coffee, tea & pastries will be available 8-9am and lunch will be provided to all registered participants. More details about meals will be posted as we approach the event

Symposium Happy Hour

For Symposium attendees, we invite you to join us directly after the conference for a Happy Hour! Donations are always appreciated and help support the ongoing work of Green Building United!

Date and Time

Friday, 05/06/2022 - 5:00pm - 7:00 pm, immediately following the Symposium.

More information to follow.

Volunteering Opportunities

We are recruiting two dozen volunteers to assist with setup/breakdown, technology, tours, photos, room monitoring and more. Fill out our Symposium Volunteer form to express interest.


Tours will be featured throughout the day, concurrently with sessions. Tours are limited to 25 individuals and have an additional cost of $15. In order to attend one of the great tours we have lined up, please register in advance!  



Sessions & Speakers


Lessons Learned from former Chief Sustainability Officers (1 AIA, 1 GBCI)

Hear from former heads of Sustainability for Regional and National companies how they stood up their program, what worked and as importantly what did not (and how to avoid these pit falls).

  • Brad Molotsky, Partner at Duane Morris, LLP and former head of and creator of Brandywine program
  • Cavarly Garrett, Former head of and creator of JP Morgan program    
  • Sukanya Paciorek, Former head of and creator of Vornado Realty program
  • Eugenia Gregorio, Former Head of Tower Companies


Designing Net Zero Energy Multifamily HVAC (1 AIA, 1 GBCI, 1 LFA)

Building codes and local regulations are driving the building industry towards lower energy buildings. Net zero energy multifamily buildings present an enormous opportunity to deliver resilient and profitable assets.

  • Emma Raymont, P.E., Director of Engineering at MaGrann Associates    
  • Scott Welch, Principal at Torti Gallas and Partners                     
  • Jon Jensen, Director of Sustainability at MaGrann Associates


CLF Philly presents: Opportunities for Stakeholders in Embodied Carbon Reduction on Projects (1 AIA, 1 GBCI, 1 LFA)

This session will cover how designers, contractors, and suppliers can collaborate to reduce embodied carbon on projects.

  • Denise Richards, Partner, PE at Keast & Hood    
  • Tim Hurtack, Director of Quality at Silvi    
  • Myrrh Caplan, Senior Sustainability Director at Skanska    
  • Lisa Conway, VP Sustainability - Americas at CLF Philly/Interface


Beyond Resiliency: NYCDEP’s approach to green roof/hybrid solar projects in partnership with NYC Public Schools (1 AIA, 1 GBCI, 1 LFA)

This session will describe how NYCDEP is working in partnership with NYCDOE on rooftop retrofit projects, that achieve mutually beneficial goals for rooftop replacement, stormwater management, and solar PV installation.

  • Rebecca Peet, Project Manager at NYC Environmental Protection
  • Courtney Finneran, Project Manager at Jacobs Civil Consultants, Inc. 
  • Christina Guerrero, Senior Architect at Jacobs Civil Consultants, Inc.
  • Ryan Mierzwa, Structural Engineer at Jacobs Civil Consultants, Inc.


Integrated Design to Build Resilient Communities Improving Health and Wellbeing (1 AIA, 1 GBCI)

Exploring the symbiotic relationship between the built and natural environments and its positive effects on health and wellbeing

  • Sabrina Barker, Director of Development at Jonathan Rose Companies
  • Marissa Hebert, AIA, CPHC, Associate and Architect at WRT
  • David Gamba, CPHC, Senior Associate and Project Manager at WRT


Circular Solutions: Local, Innovative Approaches to Global Issues with Glass Recycling (1 AIA, 1 GBCI, 1 LFA)

Come learn how recycling glass can help build resources, reduce trash and help save the world!

  • Fern Gookin, LEED AP, Director of Sustainability at Revolution Recovery    
  • Rebecca Popowsky, Research Associate at The OLIN Studio    
  • Rebecca Davies, Board Member at Bottle Underground
  • Theresa Loux, PH.D., PE, Technical Manager, AeroAggregates of NA, LLC


Beyond a Singular Solution - A Holistic Approach to Urban Agriculture (1 AIA, 1 GBCI, 1 LFA)

Accompany us on a holistic exploration of the complexity of urban agriculture, dispelling pervasive misperceptions while envisioning a sustainable future urban food system grounded in a multidisciplinary and multi-scalar approach.

  • Michael Grove, Chair of Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Ecology at Sasaki    
  • Scot Murdoch, Partner at KSS    
  • Eugenia Ellis, Director at dLUX light lab    
  • Christina Drexel, Designer I at BCV Architects and Interiors


Deconstruction Now: Practical Tips to Efficiently and Economically Use Deconstruction On Your Next Project (1 AIA, 1 GBCI)

Join Circular Philadelphia and Philly Reclaim for a session offering practical guidelines and existing incentives for incorporating deconstruction into your next project.

  • Nic Esposito, Director of Policy and Engagement at Circular Philadelphia    
  • Greg Trainor, Executive Director at Philadelphia Community Corps and Philly Reclaim


Analysis Paralysis: Energy Modeling in an Age of Many Choices (1 AIA, 1 GBCI)

Explore the opportunities and challenges that go along with different methods of energy modeling using Wufi, REM/Rate, and ASHRAE 90.1 models. Case studies will demonstrate costs and benefits.

  • Heather Medlin, Architect at Re:Vision Architecture    
  • Arvinder Dang, Associate Principal at dbHMS    
  • Ahmad Mahmud, PE, LEED AP, Principal at BSEG    
  • Nick Semon, Senior PM at Re:Vision Architecture


Public Works Reimagined:  Greening Delaware County (1 AIA, 1 GBCI)

In 2021 Delaware County engaged a facilities study and energy audit of all owned buildings and properties; this session will review the project’s scope, process, findings, and resulting action plan.

  • Michael Thompson, Project Manager at KCBA Architects    
  • Francine Locke, Chief Sustainability Officer at Delaware County, Pennsylvania    
  • Kaustubh Chabukswar, Program Manager, Energy Sustainability & Capital Planning at Bureau Veritas Group


Beyond Passive House: Equitable Decarbonization (1 AIA, 1 GBCI, 1 LFA)

We will share how we incorporate embodied carbon awareness into our work advising clients on a multitude of Passive House projects, along with refrigerant awareness.

  • Michael Hindle, Principal | MFA, CPHC at Passive to Positive    
  • Christina Aßmann, Associate | Senior Architect | Sustainability Consultant | NCARB, LEED AP BD+C, CPHC, WELL AP at Passive to Positive    
  • Ben Roush, Principal | PE-ME, FPE, LEED AP BD+C, CCP, ASHRAE BEMP and BEAP at FSi Engineers


Decarbonizing the City of Philadelphia with District Energy (1 AIA, 1 GBCI)

Through integrating new technologies and renewable energy sources, this session demonstrates how district energy is disrupting the energy transition by rapidly and cost-effectively decarbonizing urban centers.

  • Matt O’Malley, Chief Sustainability Officer at Vicinity Energy    
  • William CiCroce, CEO at Vicinity Energy    
  • Kathleen Fink, Energy Manager at Penn Medicine


Energy Efficient Design: The Prescription for Sustainable Development (1 AIA, 1 GBCI)

As Philadelphia experiences a surge in real estate development to support the rapidly growing life sciences industry, energy-efficient design is essential to ensure the built environment does its part in promoting health and sustainability in the region.

  • Shannon Christie, Sr. Energy Efficiency Program Manager at PECO    
  • Randy Haines, Director of Energy Management at Thomas Jefferson University    
  • Jason Kindt, Energy & Sustainability Program Manager at CBRE for Merck
  • Cathy Reed, System Energy Manager at JLL for Main Line Health
  • Miguel Feliciano, Energy Efficiency Account Manager at CMC Energy Services, Inc.


Bringing Energy Equity to Every Corner of Philadelphia (1 AIA, 1 GBCI)

Hear about local organizations putting equity front and center as they help residents, businesses, building owners, and developers build cleaner, greener buildings and promote equitable development for all.

  • Rishika Ghosh, Senior Associate at Philadelphia Green Capital Corp    
  • Shonique Banks, Director of Development and Workforce Initiatives Philadelphia Energy Authority
  • Matina Granieri, Program Manager of Place-Based Initiatives at Philadelphia Office of Sustainability


From Net-zero to Eco-positive: Buildings as Micro-Habitats (1 AIA, 1 GBCI)

From net-zero to eco-positive: micro habitat buildings that feed and shelter birds and pollinators are climate resilient public health investments, essential adaptive infrastructure for a future that has already arrived.

  • Helena van Vliet, RA Dipl. Ing. AIA, Principal at Helena van Vliet, LLC, President at  bioPhilly, and Adjunct Faculty, at Thomas Jefferson University, and Pratt     
  • Connie Sanchez, Program Coordinator: Bird-Friendly Buildings at National Audubon Society    
  • Fredda Lippes, Design and Construction Manager at City of Philadelphia, and Vice President bioPhilly
  • Laura Hansplant, Principal | Director of Design, Studio Sustena


“Decarbonization” Debunked (1 AIA, 1 GBCI, 1 LFA)

Carbon isn’t bad, it’s just misplaced. A restorative future for the built, natural, and social environments depends on a realignment of operational, embodied, and sequestered carbon.

  • Drew Lavine, AIA, LFA, CPHC, LEED AP BD+C, Partner & Director of Design at Re:Vision Architecture
  • Angela Iraldi, Sustainability Consultant at Re:Vision Architecture


Love Where You Live – Working with Communities on Green Strategies (1 AIA, 1 GBCI, 1 LFA)

Join the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and community partners for a panel discussion on harnessing the power of community partnerships in advancing public health equity through gardening and greening. 

  • Matt Rader, President at Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
  • Samir Dalal, LandCare Program Manager at Pennsylvania Horticultural Society 
  • Majeedah Rashid, Chief Operating Officer at Nicetown CDC
  • Gregory Thompson, Project Manager at Institute for Development for African American Youth


Eastern Pennsylvania: The US Leader in Dynamic Glass Adoption (1 AIA, 1 GBCI)

Hear from three local adopters of Dynamic Glass technology about what drove their decision and the energy, comfort and occupant wellness impacts that decision had.

  • Whitney Crull, Director of the Bowers Center at Elizabethtown College
  • Rich Gottlieb, President and COO at Keystone Property Group
  • Benedict Dubbs, Principal at Murray Associates
  • Tamara Alvarez, Manager, Partnerships and Business Development at Saint-Gobain


Process Disruption: People Centered Project Teams (1 AIA, 1 GBCI)

Explore how the intersection of health, equity and environmental sustainability creates disruption opportunities leading to new design and construction processes and possibly a new project team framework that is focused on the overall well-being of our users.

  • Andrew Horning, VP and Sustainability Leader, BALA Consulting Engineers
  • Matthew Ezold, VP and Director of Digital Planning, BALA Consulting Engineers
  • Elizabeth Larson, Sustainability Engineer, BALA Consulting Engineers

Transportation & Parking

The Sustainability Symposium can be reached by various means of transportation.  See below for specific directions.

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cjusrav6f0xsgjeu0udw19e5k symposium map close up max


If you ride your own bike there is a great bike rack right outside of the Penn State 661 building.  You can also use the RideIndego Bikeshare. There are two docking stations in The Navy Yard: 15th and Kitty Hawk and 12th and Normandy, both a short walk over to the Penn State campus. Showers available in the first floor bathrooms of the 661 building.

Public Transportation:

The Navy Yard Center City Express Shuttle or Broad Street Line Subway & The Navy Yard Loop Shuttle will take attendes right to Penn State at The Navy Yard.  For more information and schedules visit The Navy Yard's Shuttle webpage. Both shuttles stop at the corner of Kittly Hawk and 12th Street, where Penn State at The Navy Yard located.  It's recommended to take the 7:50, 8:10, or 8:30 Express Shuttles or to connect from the Broad Street Line to the Loop Shuttles.


For directions to The Navy Yard visit The Navy Yard's Direction webpage. Once at The Navy Yard Broad Street gate*, continue south on Broad Street until Kitty Hawk. Turn left on Kitty Hawk and then turn left on 12th Street. Penn State at The Navy Yard is at 4960 South 12th Street and registration is in both buildings on 12th Street.  

A map of the Navy Yard is also available.


There is plenty of free and available street parking in The Navy Yard; Green Building United recommends that drivers use street parking. Additionally, there is one parking lot available for use by Symposium attendees that is about two and a half blocks from the Penn State buildings. The lot is slightly south of the intersection of Normandy Place and 13th Street, across from the PIDC building. Note that the parking lot in front of Penn State at The Navy Yard is NOT available for use.

Penn State Buildings: 

Penn State at the Navy Yard has two buildings, 661 and 7R.  Building 661 is on the west side of 12th street between Kitty Hawk and Constitution, and Building 7R and League Island Park are on the east side of the street.  Building 661 includes the EXPO Hall, and rooms 107, Symposium, and ICON.  Building 7R includes Room 209 and the Auditorium.

Steering Committee

Shannon Crooker | Adam Cutler | Bill Fisher | Kate Flint | Alex Grella | Angela Iraldi | Patrick Isaac | Bissy Larsson | David  Lemons | Brendan McGrath | Dom McGraw | Amy Musanti | Nate Paist | Uma Pattarkine | Sangeetha Sambandam | Mark Sanderson | Kristin Sullivan | Matt Thomas | Rod Ward | Dennis Wilson

Special thanks to Bill Fisher and Jennifer Tran of PIDC for assistance in planning the Navy Yard Tours



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