Beneficial Electrification for Philadelphia Rowhomes

Tue, 1/1/2030 - 1:00pm - 1:00pm

Webinar on Demand

This event was hosted on 6/23/2020

Join us to hear from our partners at Philadelphia Energy Authority and RMI on how to transition Philadelphia's residential housing stock to safe, healthy, and all-electric homes.

As we explore program and policy solutions to address our city's climate, equity, and health goals, beneficial electrification rises to the top of the list. From safety and health concerns from on-site fossil fuel combustion, to the energy saved from energy-efficient air-sourced heat pumps, there are many reasons to switch from gas to electric heating and cooking. 

To rapidly retrofit Philadelphia rowhomes, it's important to understand the best opportuntities for change while reducing the energy burden of Philadelphia homeowners. RMI's building electrification team has been energy modeling a typical Philadelphia rowhome to understand what conditions are best suited to support the installation of an air-source heat-pump, while maintaining or reducing utility costs. 

PEA's Built to Last program is an initiative to restore safe, healthy, and affordable homes. Built to Last layers housing programs and streamlines services such as weatherization, basic systems repair, and electrification. PEA began its first pilot in late 2021 and is in the process of servings its first 50 homes. Following completion of its initial pilot, PEA will undertake a second 50-home pilot to further refine the Built to Last service delivery model. Alon Abramson will provide an update and overview of the current pilot, as well as next steps for the second phase.

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