Electrification Technology for Housing: 101

Thu, 6/30/2022 - 11:00am - 12:00pm


Electrifying our homes is great for our health and the planet. But What are the barriers?

In order to meet our global and local climate goals, we must eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels and electrify everything from our cars to our homes, and fast. While the EV market continues to grow,  we have a lot of work to do to rapidly scale the electrification of our homes. Some of this work involves addressing the technological challenges and opportunities. 

We often hear:

"Heat pumps aren't as efficient at meeting heating demand."

"I never feel warm enough in a room heated by a heat pump." 

"Replacing boilers with an air source heat pump is too expensive" 

Join us for a deep dive into various electrification options such as heat pumps, induction ovens, heat pump hot water heaters, and other technologies to learn how they work, to dispel the myths, and to learn and how we can increase adoption in our communities.

Event Fee: FREE!


  • John Balfe,  Senior Buildings & Community Solutions Manager at NEEP
  • Dave Lis, Director of Technology & Market Solutions at NEEP
  • Andrea Kris, Building Policy Manager at NEEP
  • Darren Port, Senior Codes & Standards Manager at NEEP

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