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Energy Modeling Training for Project Managers and Code Officials - Part 2: Beyond Code Workshop

Wed, 6/12/2019 - 9:00am - 12:00pm

Friends Center | 1501 Cherry St | Philadelphia, PA 19102

Green Building United, in partnership with Steven Winter Associates Inc., will deliver two 3-hour energy modeling trainings for project managers and code officials. 

Part 1 will take place on June 5 and will focus on code compliance using the performance path. Part 2 will take place on June 12 and will focus on the value of energy modeling for beyond-code goals. 

Participants may attend one or both of the sessions. You must register separately for each session. 

Part 2: Beyond Code Workshop 

Part 2 will focus on developing a practical understanding of current energy modeling programs and metrics, and will present ideal work-flow integration of energy analysis in a typical project schedule based on ASHRAE Standard 209, which defines an integrated energy modeling standard within the design process. Participants will be able to understand and apply early design workflows that provide energy performance feedback for projects that seek to meet or exceed the energy code.


Course Structure

  • Intro to energy modeling, programs that can be used, purpose of the programs, purpose of the model, modeling standards
  • Client perspective – presenting most relevant data and information to be used to make decisions (basic LCCA)
  • Setting the performance goal early – code compliance vs. deep energy savings
  • Energy Modeling – integration to the design process and owner’s project requirements
  • Reviewing  sample reports, interpreting data, and using the final reports to make informed design decisions


Cost to attend

Member: $35

Non-member: $75 (Want to become a member? Join here!)

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High-Rise Codes Event Series Sponsor

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