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Improving Air Quality for Healthy Schools

Tue, 12/8/2020 - 4:00pm - 5:00pm


Join us for our next Delaware Pathways to Green Schools discussion as we dive into the Healthy Schools pathway and ways to explore air quality inside and outside of the classroom!  

This year, our school teachers, administrators, and facilities managers are facing the enormous challenge of keeping students safe and healthy, while providing quality education.  The Pathways to Green Schools Program provides resources and guidance to Delaware K-12 schools working to make their schools more sustainable. 

Lorna Rosenberg, former EPA Mid-Atlantic Green Schools & Buildings Program Manager and current volunteer with Women for a Healthy Environment, will cover the importance of managing indoor air quality and methods for improvement such as green cleaning and ventilation practices and policies. 

Following this discussion, Craig Johnson, Executive Director of Interpret Green, will discuss outdoor air quality and the importance of using data to drive action. Craig will share curriculum to use with your free Outdoor Air Quality Monitors. 

As always, we'll leave time for questions and a general discussion following the presentations. 


Free Outdoor Air Quality Monitor!

An Air Quality Monitor (AQM) creates the possibility for schoolyards to become an outdoor classroom and learning landscape with multiple educational opportunities. The sensor data and data maps are directly accessible via an Internet connection. Using digital programs to view the data, students can visualize the mostly invisible properties of the airborne particulates, temperature, moisture, barometric pressure that are occurring just outside in their schoolyard. The data measurements from environmental sensors are logged then stored and remain accessible to every virtual or in-person classroom. 

Install one at your school! 

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