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Incorporating Microgrids into Climate Resilience Strategies

Tue, 1/1/2030 - 1:00pm - 1:00pm

Webinar on Demand

This event was orginially hosted on 9/20/2020 

We know climate change is having dramatic impacts on the region, including increased storm events, heat waves, and flooding. What are communities in the Lehigh Valley doing to prepare?

There are several approaches we can take to design, build, and modify our built environments to adapt to these climate impacts, making our region, cities, towns, neighborhoods, and communities more resilient. One of these solutions is the implementation of microgrids - learn more in this timely webinar, coordinated by our Lehigh Valley Community. 

Microgrids for all kinds of progressive community applications have become mainstream in other regions of the United States and internationally, but less so in the Pennsylvania region.  As communities struggle with the consequences of COVID-19 and other weather events, this new strategy for better energy distribution is becoming more essential, which at its core addresses climate change adaptation planning and how to include higher concentrations of renewable energy into our communities' energy diet.

Will Agate and Pete Reinke will lead this discussion, which will address:

  • Microgrid basics
  • How leaders in sustainability can develop a microgrid plan for your communities
  • How all of this will assist in making our Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley communities more competitive and vital


 Specific relevance will be discussed concerning business (both manufacturing and office) campuses, health care complexes, educational campuses, and other innovative public communities and how to get started with your energy sustainability plan.


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