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The annual 2030 Report is here! 

2020 was an outlier year for energy use – energy burdens shifted as workers transitioned to work from home. 2020 also represented a year in which the 2030 District expanded its boundaries to include two large institutional property portfolios – Drexel University and the School District of Philadelphia. Our expanded boundary and committed partnerships give us hope that we can continue to work towards proactively meeting our 50% reduction goals by 2030.  

We explore all that and more in our interactive report – you can take a look here

Green Building United convenes the Philadelphia 2030 District, a voluntary effort by the owners, managers, and developers of the city’s largest properties to achieve deep reductions in energy use, water use, transportation emissions, and to improve stormwater management.

The initiative seeks to improve efficiency in the building sector in Philadelphia with the goal to lower costs, reduce carbon emissions, improve indoor air quality and tenant comfort, and improve the resiliency of the city’s new and existing building stock.

Who's participating?

Building owners and/or managers that commit property to meet the district goals.

Government, non-profit and civic organizations that provide support and expertise for the district.

Energy services companies, utilities, and professional firms that provide expertise, deliver services, and sponsor the district.

How are we doing?

Each year, Green Building United aggregates progress toward the district goals. As of our latest annual report (based on 2020 data) property partners districtwide have achieved:

  • 43.4% reduction in energy use

  • 29.8% reduction in water use

  • 12.8% reduction in transportation emissions (2019 Data)

  • 54.3  verified Greened Acres

How are we meeting the goals?

Property partners are meeting the goals of the Philadelphia 2030 District through sophisticated operations, robust tenant engagement, and strategic investments in conservation and efficiency strategies. 

Check out our partner spotlights for exemplary project examples. 

How do you get involved?

The district is seeking additional property partners who commit their buildings to the meeting the goals of the district and participating in our peer community.

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