The Delaware Pathways to Green Schools mini grant cycle, funded by Energize Delaware and administered by Green Building United, is seeking proposals for projects that will advance your school’s sustainability goals.

Energize Delaware will award grants up to $3,000 to school districts or schools to support green teams. Applicants must be registered in the Delaware Pathways to Green Schools program, which is free and voluntary. 

This funding will provide schools with the resources needed to take on exciting and impactful sustainability projects that can address both climate change and the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on schools.

Since 2015, Energize Delaware has funded 57 projects, totaling $85,000, ranging from water bottle filling stations, solar-powered lighting, carpool programs, recycling initiatives, and more.

One 2021 Mini Grant recipient, Odyssey Charter School, received $2,000 to create a pop-up outdoor classroom. The classroom is composed of tables and benches, sourced through Eco Plastic Products of Delaware, a local Delaware nonprofit organization that constructs custom products from post-consumer recycled plastic. Students contributed through collecting and weighing 160 pounds of recyclable plastic, as well as through designing the outdoor classroom.

Another grantee, UrbanPromise Academy, received $2,800 to plant trees and shrubs to provide cooling and reduce energy use, improve air quality surrounding the school, sequester carbon, and create an outdoor learning space. Through this project, students learned about the environmental benefits of urban trees and vegetation, as well as how to care for them.

To learn more about all of the 2020-21 mini grantees, click here.


Projects supporting the goals outlined below are encouraged:

  • Energy Use Reduction
  • Carbon Emission Reduction
  • Healthy Learning Environments
  • Environmental Justice


Applications are due on January 17, 2022 for this year’s Pathways to Green Schools mini grant cycle.

For more information, visit our Pathways to Green Schools page.