Cooperative Sustainability

By Katie Bartolotta

Posted March 29, 2019

2101 Cooperative is committed to meet the goals of the Philadelphia 2030 District, which challenges the city’s largest buildings to significantly reduce their energy and water use, and transportation emissions by the year 2030.

Robert McKenzie, a tenant and shareholder of 2101 Cooperative, shared with fellow property partners an overview of his building at our first 2030 District partner meeting of the year.

2101 coop

2101 Cooperative stands 14 stories tall with 300 apartments. Tenants of the building are shareholders – purchasing shares of the corporation gives the tenant the right to occupy a unit in the building and participate in its operation. Like a condominium, 2101 Cooperative is governed by a board of directors that make decisions on behalf of all residents, including deciding on major purchases.

As a tenant and shareholder in the building, Robert participates on the physical plant committee and has been working to turn the building’s energy and water use benchmarking data into action. Earlier this year, Robert enlisted the assistance of Practical Energy solutions to complete an energy audit of the building to identify the best value opportunities to reduce utility costs and meet the 2030 District goals.

Following the Robert’s presentation, the diverse group of 2030 District property, community, and resource partners present engaged in a conversation around best practices, project examples, and financing opportunities that could help accelerate the 2101 Cooperative's building improvement process.

We look forward to monitoring 2101 Cooperative's progress and leveraging the 2030 District's knowledgable peer network to help meet the initiative's ambitious reduction goals. 

If you’re already benchmarking your energy and water use, take the next step to improve your building’s performance with the Philadelphia 2030 District. 

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