Meet Our Muscoe Martin Green Building Fellow

By Alex Dews

Posted June 6, 2019

In 2018, Green Building United and Penn created the Muscoe Martin Green Building Fellowship to honor the life and work of Muscoe Martin.

The Fellowship preserves Muscoe’s legacy by providing for the pursuit of research and projects that advance green building and sustainable design.

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This summer, we are very pleased to welcome Ziao Wang as the first recipient of the Muscoe Martin Fellowship. Ziao is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Environmental Design degree at the University of Pennsylvania. He also holds a Master of Architecture degree from the Arizona State University and has previously held architecture internships in China and Japan.

Ziao’s fellowship work is focused on reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, as well as reducing the cost burden for residents in Philadelphia’s large, multifamily residential buildings. Working with the team at Green Building United, Ziao is leveraging the data from the City of Philadelphia’s Building Energy Benchmarking program – which is managed by Green Building United -  to better understand energy use in large residential buildings.

He will be leading data analysis and survey work over the summer in order to develop engagement strategies that can be used in future outreach efforts.  

Green Building United is excited to work with Ziao and the Penn team on this project, and grateful to all of the supporters who have helped to launch this fellowship. Please consider making a contribution to the Muscoe Martin Fellowship Fund to support its continued success!

About Muscoe Martin

Muscoe Martin, AIA, LEED Fellow was a lifelong environmentalist, coming of age in the energy and environmental movements of the 1970s. After completing his BA at Princeton in 1978, he worked at the Habitat Center in Berkeley, before completing his Master of Architecture at Penn in 1985. After graduation, he worked with Adele Naude Santos, JacobsWyper Architecture, Wallace Roberts & Todd, and Susan Maxman Partners, before founding his own firm M2. Muscoe’s career in sustainable design and architecture began in the 1980s with his work on solar design. He worked tirelessly to champion green design in both practice and education recognizing the critical impacts of construction on resources, water, energy, and land. Muscoe was a founding board member of Delaware Valley Green Building Council (now known as Green Building United), Chair of the AIA Committee-On-The-Environment (COTE), a member of the USGBC Board and Sustainable Buildings Industry Council, and a long-time LEED faculty member. Muscoe taught at Penn for nearly 20 years where he helped establish the programs in Ecological Architecture and Environmental Building Design.

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"A community must be supported from below – by its inhabitants, present and future."

-Muscoe Martin

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