Marion Pulsifer: 2030 District Groundbreaker Awardee

By Sophia Winston

Posted November 10, 2022

When Marion Pulsifer, a former teacher, attorney, consultant and current resident at Philadelphia’s Independent Place, helped form a grassroots "Green Team" of 15 like-minded neighbors in January 2020, amidst the pandemic and a major capital renovation project, a sustainable community was born! 

This year, GBU honors a participant of our 2030 District for the first ever 2030 District Groundbreakers Award. Marion Pulsifer represents Independence Place, a condominium association in Washington Square, Philadelphia, that joined the 2030 District in 2020. Marion, along with her neighbors coalesced a Green Team that set forth a vision to not only save money, but to save resources in a way that would have significant, quantifiable, and feel-good goals. Joining the 2030 District was an easy way for Independence Place to meet their green goals and engage tenants in education and events aimed towards making their homes greener. 

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Marion, who is a former teacher and retired attorney and consultant, currently leads the Independence Place Green Team and under her leadership she’s introduced a variety of green initiatives to her friends and neighbors. This past year, Marion singlehandedly led the charge in collecting over 150 responses to the 2030 District Transportation Survey that provided information about their building’s transportation emissions. As the former counsel to the State of California’s Department of Transportation and New York’s Federal Transit Administration, Marion understands the importance of quantifying transportation emissions to understand environmental impacts and to provide the data and insights necessary to advocate for the improvement of bike and pedestrian infrastructure in her neighborhood. 

Prior to 2022, Marion played a pivotal role in engaging more than 200 tenants in initiatives such as Spring house cleanings, hazardous waste and compost collections, education on recycling, sustainable gardening, energy conservation, and even helped create a 24-page Green Guide for tenants of Independence Place. Together with neighboring Hopkinson House, Marion has implemented a native plant balcony garden initiative, encouraging sustainable home gardens and bringing joy and beauty to the urban environment.  

Marion’s passion towards a greener built environment and penchant for creating community has made itself clear through the various initiatives she has spearheaded. The team at GBU are thrilled to award her with the first ever 2030 District Award at this year’s Groundbreaker Awards, and to continue to support the important work she is doing with Independence Place and multifamily buildings across Philadelphia.  

Celebrate Marion’s achievements and our other 2022 Groundbreakers awardees in-person next week, November 17th, at this year’s Groundbreaker Awards taking place at The Atrium, 1900 Market Street in Philadelphia. Tickets can be purchased right here on our website and come join the celebration with your fellow GBU community members! 

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