Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are integral to Green Building United.

Every year hundreds of volunteers contribute thousands of hours to help us plan and implement our events, programs, and initiatives. We cannot express how much we appreciate them! 

If you are interested in volunteering, the best place to start is with our Committees and Communities. Explore our current volunteer opportunities below to learn how you can plug in based on your interest areas, expertise, and availability.

Also make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to learn about opportunities as they are announced. We hope you will join us!

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Major Events 

In addition to Committees and Communities, another pathway for volunteering is through our major events - Sustainability Symposium, New Gravity Housing Conference, and Groundbreakers Awards. These volunteers are an invaluable part of event planning and implementation.

Steering Committee volunteers help review session/project submissions, coordinate conference tours and other features, and support outreach and development efforts. Day-of volunteers help facilitate registration, serve as captains in session rooms, and perform other important event day duties.  

If you are interested in volunteering with a major event, please contact Pat Ma, Development Director. 

Committees & Communities

Joining a Committee or Community is a great way to network with green building and sustainability professionals while working to accomplish goals within our different work areas. Each group contributes to the whole of the organization - helping plan events, develop policy strategies, engage schools, raise funds to support organizational work, and much more.

While everyone is invited to join meetings, Green Building United Membership is required for formal recognition on Committees/Communities. 

See the descriptions below to learn about each Committee's/Community's overarching goals, scheduled meeting day/time, primary contact, and current list of volunteers. 

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Development Committee

Goal: Our Development Committee works diligently to identify and secure Sustaining Partners, event sponsors, and other funders to support Green Building United and our various activities. Learn more about Sustaining Partnership, events, and donors/funders.

Meeting Schedule: Monthly | Third Friday | 9:00 - 10:00 am ET

Want to volunteer with this Committee? Contact Pat Ma, Development Director

Current Development Committee Volunteers

Chair: Jim McNamara

Laura Blau | Bill Fisher | David Gamba | Don Haas | Patrick Isaac | Jon Jensen | Michael Pavelsky | Daeen Salam | Frank Troy | Jeremiah Woodring

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee

Goal: Our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Committee is focused on improving diversity and inclusion across the organization, striving to center equity and racial justice in all our work. Learn more about this effort. 

Meeting Schedule: Monthly | Second Wednesday | 9:00 - 10:00 am ET

Want to volunteer with this Committee? Contact Yogesh Saoji, Committee Chair

Current Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee Volunteers

Chair: Yogesh Saoji

Ariella Maron | Briana Pinckney | Daeen Salam | Nick Semen | Lisa Shulock | Mitchell Swann 

Policy & Advocacy Committee

Goal: Our Policy & Advocacy Committee advocates for policy and legislation that advance a sustainable and healthy built environment. Activities include educating elected officials and staff, reviewing draft legislation and policy, and more. Learn about all policy and advocacy activities

Meeting Schedule: Monthly | First Thursday | 8:30 - 9:30 am ET

Want to volunteer with this Committee? Contact Katie Bartolotta, Policy & Programs Director 

Current Policy & Advocacy Committee Volunteers

Chairs: Amy Cornelius

Sherman Aronson | Will Agate | Jeremy Avellino | Scott Compton | Sonia Dattaray | Alex DeNadai | Bob Ellis | Kit Elsworth | Bradley Gay | Don Haas | Elizabeth Hahn | Mike Heaney | David Hincher | Michelle Jordan | Michael Jouaneh | David Lemons | Justin Lyon | Ariella Maron | Dom McGraw | Uma Pattarkine | Meenal Raval | Daeen Salam | David Salamon | Maki San Miguel Paulson | Christian Saveoz | Maddy Schuh | Brian Smiley | Kristen Suzda | Bahareh van Boekhold | Lindsey Walaski | Natalie Walker | Jennifer Wampler | Emily Wei

Delaware Community Council

Goal: Our Delaware Community advocates for advancing a sustainable, resilient, and healthy built environment that will transform the standards in The First State. Community Council volunteers work together to develop programs, events, and other content with a Delaware focus. Learn more about our Delaware Community

Meeting Schedule: Monthly | Third Wednesday | 12:00 - 1:00 pm ET

Want to volunteer with this Community? Contact Kristin Brubaker and Sarita Sen, Council Co-Facilitators

Current Delaware Community Volunteers

Co-Facilitators: Kristin Brubaker and Sarita Sen

Amy Cornelius | Kim Ilardi | Anne Kirby | Vicky Newton | Chandra Nilekani | Reid Rowlands | Sarita Sen | Bahareh van Boekhold | Terri Wasdyke

Lehigh Valley Community Council

Goal: Our Lehigh Valley Community is actively focused on addressing regional sustainability issues. Community Council volunteers work together to develop programs, events, and other content with a Lehigh Valley focus. Learn more about our Lehigh Valley Community

Meeting Schedule: Monthly | First Thursday | 4:00 - 5:30 pm ET

Want to volunteer with this Community? Contact Shannon Crooker or Terry Duncan, Council Co-Facilitators

Current Lehigh Valley Community Volunteers

Co-Facilitators: Shannon Crooker and Terry Duncan

Dave Aquadro | Jeff Beavan | Shelly Christman | Michael Jouaneh | Christa Kraftician | Marie North | Annmarie Ott | Jillian Seitz | Tess Strayer | Pareesa Vahidi

Living Future Community Council

Goal: Our Living Future Community is a group of individuals united by a common passion for regenerative building. Community Council volunteers work together to develop programs, events, and other content with a living building focus. Learn more about our Living Future Community

Meeting Schedule: Monthly | First Tuesday | 4:00 - 6:00 pm ET

Want to volunteer with this Community? Contact Jason Curtis and Kristen Suzda, Council Co-Facilitators

Current Living Future Community Volunteers

Co-Facilitators: Jason Curtis and Kristen Suzda

Wolfram Arendt | Amy Cornelius | Kate Flint | Michelle Jordan | Scott Kelly | Drew Lavine | Chris Lee | Charles Loomis | Lisa Shulock

Passive House Community Council

Goal: Our Passive House Community is dedicated to making Passive House design and construction mainstream. Community Council volunteers work together to develop programs, events, and other content with a Passive House focus. Learn more about our Passive House Community

Meeting Schedule: Monthly | Second Wednesday | 4:00 - 6:00 pm ET

Want to volunteer with this Community? Contact Angela Iraldi and Paul Thompson, Council Co-Facilitators

Current Passive House Community Volunteers

Co-Facilitators: Angela Iraldi and Paul Thompson

Jeremy Avellino | Laura Blau | Amy Cornelius | Shannon Crooker | Kit Elsworth | Steve Finkelman | Neil Goldman | Charles Loomis | Shannon Pendleton | Stephen Wayland | Jeremiah Woodring

If you have any questions about current volunteer opportunities, please contact Marjorie Alexander, Education & Engagement Manager. 

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