Green Building United is excited to welcome Chaney Li (she/her) as our Muscoe Martin Green Building Fellow in partnership with University of Pennsylvania. The Fellowship preserves Muscoe Martin’s legacy by providing a student applicant in the Environmental Building Design (MSD-EBD) program the opportunity to pursue research and projects that advance green building and sustainable design.

Chaney is a graduate of the North China University of Technology and is currently studing Environmental Building Design (EBD) for her master’s with University of Pennsylvania.

Her hometown of Beijing suffers from heavy haze, light pollution, and poor air quality, which affects the living environment to a great extent. Therefore, she chose EBD in graduate school, to use the insights and knowledge to design resilient and sustainable buildings and to do some research to mitigate the environmental impact of buildings. She is learning software to analyze how weather affects buildings, how a building consumes energy and how it performs, and to simulate some responses from the occupants, such as Ladybug and Honeybee, CFD, climate studio, etc.

Chaney is passionate about passive design and using renewable energy sources and is interested in energy efficiency and the rational use of energy and natural resources. Chaney believes that it is the responsibility of architects to study how to reduce the impact of climate and environment on people in the fields of building materials, building design, and construction. She is interested in continuing to research how to improve or design low energy consumption, high performance buildings in the future, from building materials to building construction to the long-term performance of buildings.

Chaney will support Green Building United’s mission this fall and throughout the spring of 2022.

About Muscoe Martin
Muscoe Martin, AIA, LEED Fellow was a lifelong environmentalist, coming of age in the energy and environmental movements of the 1970s. After completing his BA at Princeton in 1978, he worked at the Habitat Center in Berkeley, before completing his Master of Architecture at Penn in 1985. After graduation, he worked with Adele Naude Santos, JacobsWyper Architecture, Wallace Roberts & Todd, and Susan Maxman Partners, before founding his own firm M2.
Muscoe’s career in sustainable design and architecture began in the 1980s with his work on solar design. He worked tirelessly to champion green design in both practice and education recognizing the critical impacts of construction on resources, water, energy, and land.

Muscoe was a founding board member of Delaware Valley Green Building Council (now known as Green Building United), Chair of the AIA Committee-On-The-Environment (COTE), a member of the USGBC Board and Sustainable Buildings Industry Council, and a long-time LEED faculty member. Muscoe taught at Penn for nearly 20 years where he helped
establish the programs in Ecological Architecture and Environmental Building Design.

For more information about the Fellowship, please contact Ben Ginsberg at 215-898-0469 or

“A community must be supported from below – by its inhabitants, present and future.” -Muscoe Martin

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