Energy Benchmarking allows building owners and operators to assess their energy usage over time, gauge performance relative to others in the marketplace, and better understand how energy efficiency projects can offset their usage.

Green Building United builds on this increased awareness around energy use, supporting energy efficiency in the building sector with trainings on benchmarking, behavior change, improved operations, and strategic capital investments. Want to learn more? Read on and contact Rachel Wilkins, Benchmarking Program Manager.

Reductions in energy consumption result in lowered costs and carbon emissions, creating a healthier and more prosperous region.

Philadelphia Building Energy Benchmarking Program

Benchmarking - Visualization Tool

Benchmarking Visualization Tool

The visualization tool provides building-level energy performance data for the last three calendar years for the nearly 2,800 buildings required to report utility information as part of Philadelphia’s energy benchmarking law. The chart and map tools are interactive and allow visualizing building energy performance comparisons throughout the city.

Have questions about Philadelphia’s Building Energy Benchmarking Program and Compliance? Visit the Benchmarking Website or email Rachel

2020 Philadelphia Building Energy Benchmarking Results

2020 is the most recent annual benchmarking dataset. This was the first dataset from the new decade and the first that encapsulates water and energy trends from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our interactive tool provides downloadable data sets from 2013-2020 to better understand building effiency trends


  • 265,666,820 Square Feet Reported
  • 2375+ Buildings Reported
  • 74.3% Compliance Rate
  • 61 Median Energy Star Score
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Benchmarking - 2019 Report

2019 Philadelphia Building Energy Benchmarking Report

In 2019, the Office of Sustainability and Green Building United released a report analyzing the performance of benchmarked properties over the lifetime of the program and provided summary statistics on 2018 energy and water use data. The results show that, since 2013, Philadelphia’s benchmarked buildings have demonstrated a 5% reduction in overall energy use and over half of all buildings reported every year have achieved energy savings.


  • 320+ Million Square Feet Reported
  • 2700+ Buildings Reported
  • 85% Compliance Rate
  • 55 Median Energy Star Score
Read 2019 Report