Green Building United approaches state and local policy efforts with an understanding that buildings are the primary driver of climate change in our region and by far the best opportunity to mitigate and to adapt to future climate impacts.

Through policy and advocacy, we offer policymakers a path to decarbonization through policy actions that strengthens our communities and ensures vibrancy well into the future. The backbone of this work is done by our Policy and Advocacy Committee. Meeting monthly, the Committee hears from key lawmakers, analysts, and advocates; and is actively building a compendium of resources, shared expertise and testimony, and research, to best inform legislation, legislators, and programming.

Green Building United Policy & Advocacy Committee

This committee of diverse professionals meets monthly to advocate for policy and legislation and to support implementation to advance a sustainable and healthy built environment.

Activities include:

  • Educating elected officials and staff on green building priorities through in-district meetings and lobby days
  • Serving on technical advisory committees on behalf of the organization
  • Providing testimony during committee hearings
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on legislation and regulations
  • Signing and circulating letters of support for legislation
  • Assisting with creating educational materials and events
  • Sharing policy updates and engagement opportunities with networks

The committee meets on the first Thursday of each month from 8:30-9:30am.

Policy & Advocacy Committee Volunteers

Committee Chair: Lindsey Walaski

Sherman Aronson | Will Agate | Jeremy Avellino | Scott Compton | Amy Cornelius | Sonia Dattaray | Alex DeNadai | Bob Ellis | Kit Elsworth | Bradley Gay | Don Haas | Elizabeth Hahn | Mike Heaney | David Hincher | Michelle Jordan | Michael Jouaneh | David Lemons | Justin Lyon | Ariella Maron | Uma Pattarkine | Meenal Raval | Daeen Salam | Christian Saveoz | Maddy Schuh | Brian Smiley | Kristen Suzda | Bahareh van Boekhold | Natalie Walker | Jennifer Wampler | Emily Wei

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