As development continues to grow in this region, the Lehigh Valley Community is focused on promoting and advancing the sustainable transformation of the built environment through education and advocacy.

Lehigh Valley

Many of our volunteers are practitioners, implementing energy-efficient and sustainability practices to building projects and corporate programs in the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

Our goal is to see sustainability become a way for building community as well as the built environment. Our passion for transforming the built environment has brought us together, and our ability to take action and see a real impact keeps us coming back.

Green Building United’s Lehigh Valley Community Council is actively focused on addressing regional issues and offering local educational events. We meet on the first Thursday of every month from 12:00 – 1:00 pm ET.

Lehigh Valley Community Volunteers

Co-Facilitators: Tinku Khanwalkar and Carlee Dietterick

Dave Aquadro | Jeff Beavan | Shelly Christman | Shannon Crooker | Michael Gibson | Steven Glickman | Michael Jouaneh | Christa Kraftician | Marie North | Annmarie Ott | Margaret Huettner

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Over the years, we have helped advance and promote the green building movement in the Lehigh Valley through education, advocacy, workshops, and event. Highlights include:

  • Lehigh Valley Sustainability Awards – Recognizing building projects and individuals that embody sustainability in the built environment.
  • Green Schools Workshops – Bringing together teachers, facilities staff, and education leadership to share best practices for healthy and sustainable education centers.
  • Panels and Round Table Discussions – Convening a variety of industries and government officials to educate and advocate for sustainability practices throughout our region.
  • Webinars and Speaker Series – Covering green building topics relevant to our community.

How to Get Involved in Building the Movement

The Green Building United Lehigh Valley Community Council (LVCC) is exploring ways to grow our Community and build our capacity to support sustainable development. Our goal is to promote green buildings in ways that serve our Community best so that stakeholders in the Lehigh Valley are inspired to transform the built environment. If you’re interested in participating in our Community and paving the way we approach sustainable development, join us as we develop upcoming plans and programs.

Joining the Community also grants you access to a wide array of educational content, advocacy initiatives, and networking opportunities with sustainability experts in the region. All knowledge and experience levels are welcome!

Nuture Nature Center’s Watershed-Friendly Property Certification


Did you know that Nuture Nature Center and Penn State Master Watershed Steward Program has a Watershed-Friendly Property Certification?

The certification recognizes landowners who incorporate best practices in managing and protecting water resources, providing habitats for wildlife and pollinators, while also committing to using less harmful chemicals to minimize potential impacts on water quality. Our own Marie North has earned this certification by making her home and surrounding property a thriving ecosystem supporting local flora and fauna, mitigating stormwater runoff, and conserving water.