We spoke with Green Building United member Laila Reilly, Client Relations Manager at MaGrann Associates about her experience in the construction and architecture industry, her involvement with Green Building United and her experience within the sustainability sector.

Can you please describe your current position?

LR:  I’m a Client Relations Manager at MaGrann Associates. In this role, I’m responsible for all aspects of business development for the organization, which includes everything from maintaining a healthy pipeline of projects coming in and providing services for the design team to the sustainability team. In essence, I work with developers and architects to understand their goals and ensure our team delivers per their expectations.


What are some green building projects and/or initiatives you are currently working on and how do you feel they will contribute to the Greater Philadelphia region’s sustainability efforts?

LR:  Currently, I’m working with development teams to understand and navigate the new building codes in Philadelphia. The energy codes will add a new level of complexity in decision making for project teams and I look forward to helping teams make the best decisions about their projects, for their projects.


Why is green building and sustainability important to you?

LR:  For me, it’s simple. I grew up enjoying nature in different parts of the world, clean air, and clean water. I’ve committed my career path to be a part of the solution in terms of making sure we have these fundamental resources available for future generations.

In my current capacity, we have a great opportunity to positively impact our environment. Buildings are significant contributors to carbon dioxide emissions, so in this line of work, we’re always trying to help builders and architects make better decisions for the occupants in those spaces, but also in terms of what’s happening with energy efficiency and our environment.


Which sustainability topics do you feel are most pressing at this time?

LR:  Plastic is of great concern to me. It’s in the ocean and even in our food in some cases. Coupled with the fact that we have a global recycling issue, this is an area I’d love to see innovation and technology help solve this looming crisis.


What resources or advice have you found most helpful in your green building profession?

LR:   Get involved. Figure out your passion and go be part of the solution with the help from organizations like Green Building United. Doors and opportunities open when you put energy and effort into solving issues that are important to you.


What is your company doing to advance green building and a sustainable built environment?

LR:  My organization is unique in that the majority of us serve in leadership roles within our respective industry associations. Whether it’s serving on the board at Green Building United, the Building Industry Association, or supporting the adoption of new building codes or statewide initiatives through Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance,  we are committed to advancing sustainability in our City that benefits both public and private real estate sectors.


What made you want to get involved with Green Building United? Which events have you attended and have you participated in any volunteer projects?

LR: In my role, networking is an intrinsic function of finding success.  Whether it’s learning about a firm’s capabilities, new projects or working together to propose legislative action – it takes a village. Small and large businesses have the opportunity to come together, collaborate, and lean on organizations like Green Building United to drive initiatives, educate, and advocate for better policies.

In regards to event engagement, we are proud Annual Sponsors, exhibit at annual conferences and always submit sessions for the Sustainability Symposium and New Gravity Housing Conferences.


Green Building United Membership offers a range of benefits such as free happy hours, discounted tickets to our Sustainability Symposium, reduced prices for green building workshops, free webinars, and more! To become a member or upgrade your membership package, visit our Membership page or email Leah Wirgau, Education & Engagement Director.


Laila Reilly…

is responsible for all aspects of business development at MaGrann Associates. In her role, she works with builders, developers, and architects to understand project goals and market opportunities. Her client base includes both affordable and market-rate developers in PA, NJ & NY. An important element of her role is active involvement in building industry initiatives. Laila is on the Board of Directors of the Building Industry Association and Co-Chair of the Green Committee. Her collaborative approach and spirited persistence make her a formidable contributor in the many organizations she is involved. In addition, Laila holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Drexel University in International Business and Marketing.

When she’s not serial networking, you can find her hiking in the Wissahickon with her dog, Gary, or planning her next vacation with husband, Steve. They recently completed a 20km, 10 hour hike around 10 volcanoes in the Azores