Green Building United Board Chair, Lisa Shulock


Green Building United Executive Director, Rich Freeh


Green Building United Board and staff celebrate and say goodbye to new and incoming Board members during 2023’s holiday party.

Like most non-profits, Green Building United is governed by an elected Board of Directors who hold financial oversight and strategic responsibility for the direction of the organization. In Fall 2023, we held an open call for new Board members and were thrilled with the response. The nominated Board members have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and diverse perspectives to add to our work over the next three years.

Green Building United members voted on the Board slate in December, and we’re excited to announce new and returning Board members for 2024:

New Board members

Re-elected Board members

Please join us in welcoming Green Building United’s new and returning Board members! You can learn more about everyone on GBU’s Board here.

We would also like to take a moment to thank the Board members whose terms ended in 2023:

  • Stephen Finkelman
  • Bill Fisher
  • Phil Hinerman
  • Susan Lowry
  • Ryan Spies (resigned because of relocation)
  • Mitchell Swann
  • Bahareh Van Boekhold

Rich Freeh, Executive Director

Lisa Shulock, Board Chair

Call for Sessions

Be a featured speaker at the 2024 Sustainability Symposium. Deadline – February 1st. Submit your session idea today!

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